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About Danielle Guglielmi

Danielle Guglielmi is the CEO Hart Financial. She has experienced being homeless and unable to get a car or find a house to rent due to a poor credit score. Danielle struggled to get credit repair from different companies but yielded zero results. Due to the frustrations, she decided to study credit repair and improve her score. She took classes and qualified as a board-certified credit repair and score specialist. Through the experience and added knowledge, she could transform her credit score from 400 to 700 and still work to get it to the 800 mark.

Danielle realized how crucial a credit score is and decided to start Hart Financial to transform other people’s lives.

She is also a certified financial coach who educates and guides people to make wise financial decisions. Her main goal is to create personalized plans depending on your goals.

Hart Financial collaborates with clients from over the world and offers financial literacy that most individuals lack.

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Passions Rooted in Experience

I have experienced being homeless; forced to leave my home situation a couple of years ago without a job, money, or a place to go to. Barely any notice to have enough time to try to figure something out. I had no choice, but to find some way because my family was relying on me. I had to support them! Our family had to relocate back to Pennsylvania, where we stayed with different family members and friends. Bad credit and low income kept me from getting a car and finding anywhere to rent. I was so desperate to have good credit that I started calling all companies and working with them to fix my credit. I waited over a year and seen no results at all! I was fed up. I was tired of companies taking my money and doing nothing! Taking money from me that I truly didn’t have to spare. At this moment I had the aha light bulb moment. I decided to learn about credit myself. Once I studied on credit, I took classes to become a board-certified credit repair and scores specialist. Learning all about credit, I was able to apply it to my own situation bringing my scores from the 400s to the 700s! I am still working on the 800 club and that’s okay because I’m far from where I used to be. I no longer must ride in a car that is older with issues and a high interest rate nor stay at different people’s homes! I have a brand-new car with a low interest rate and my family has a home to call their own! We cried tears of joy! Before all that stuff happened, I never realized how crucial good credit really was. It took my back to be against the wall to get it! I went from being denied for everything to approved. I didn’t have to feel defeated and sad nor like I was failing my family every time I applied for anything anymore. Finally, I could give them happy news!


It didn’t stop there. I learned how to become financially free! I’m a Certified Personal Finance Coach as well. As a financial coach I educate, guide and encourage to help clients in financial decisions and create individual plans based on your personal goals. I can help you learn ways to have more streams of income, eliminating debt, money management plan, increase your savings, budgeting, being aware of and achieving financial, financial literacy, and becoming debt free. We set you on the path to wealth!

While on my journey I have been sharing posts on social media. Once I did, I started getting inquiries from friends of how I may be able to help them. Me being the compassionate caring person I am I immediately began to research and see how I can help someone else the same way I helped myself. I became so inspired by this that’s when I decided to learn more about credit laws and become more educated on finance. Once I became more knowledgeable, I started my own business called “Hart Financial.” My client’s financial situation is just as important to me as my own is. I work with clients all over the nation to help them reach their goals. My goal is to see them obtain financial freedom. Everyone has different goals, so we work as a team to get you there. I started a free Facebook group called “Financial Freedom Secrets” where you can learn credit tips, tricks, money management and become educated on finances. After all, the education is the most important piece to financial success!

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We are drivenby Passion

Hart Financial is a company driven by passion when it comes to helping individuals and companies improve their credit scores. There are customized coaching programs that help to get prepared for their business and personal finances. Danielle is quite passionate about assisting clients in managing their finances more appropriately.

Get your solution Faster

We are a first-class and reputable credit company with a proven record of helping businesses and individuals have a favorable credit score. The resources and tools we incorporate make us more dependable in offering unquestionable results. Our company will guide you through the process and offer education to help you make better financial decisions.

Our Mission

Break various financial barriers and improve your credit score for economic liberty. We aim to help our clients repair their credit history at a very friendly cost, thus giving you a fresh start.

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Let’s Get started

You can connect with me Values and Money: a community for building better balance. Inside the group I love to have conversations with members about stress management, dreams and aspirations, and the elusive “balancing” act we all manage between our personal lives, our work lives, and remembering who we are and want to be amongst it all.

Danielle Guglielmi