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No final Billing Surprises

Some companies charge a final per-diem fee when you cancel. And if you missed a payment due to lack of funds, they bill you for that too. They may justify this, but it can be a nasty surprise. When you cancel with us, no more charges!
And, of course, there’s the friendly voice
Whether you are a first time caller, or an active member, you will get treated with the respect you deserve; respect for your time and respect for your credit.

What is Credit Repair?

The term credit repair most commonly refers to the identification and dispute of credit reporting errors; in a wider sense, it also includes a strategic reshaping of one’s credit profile for the purpose of optimizing credit scores.

What is Credit Repair?

1. Help identify erroneous items on your credit report 2. Manage the dispute process 3. Suggest a credit management plan to raise your scores
Take a detailed look at our services

Credit Repair Plan


  • $50 Enrollment Fee
  • & 100/month
  • Free consultation credit repair services
  • Unlimited deletions
  • Secure and real-time credit monitoring
  • Customized dispute strategies
  • 24-hour professional support
  • Unlimited challenges to derogatory and erroneous items
  • Money-back guarantee (4 months)
  • No templates
  • Free credit analysis
  • Comprehensive credit audit

Credit Repair with Monthly Coaching Call


  • $150 Enrollment fee
  • 149/month
  • Free consultation services
  • Unlimited monthly call
  • Professional ways how to budget
  • Learn the best ways to earn more money
  • Budgeting tools
  • Credit card tracker
  • Cancel anytime
  • Credit building ebook
  • Top-rated credit repair strategies