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Financial Coaching and Credit Repair

Awesome! I can’t wait to get to know you and see how I can help bring more balance and joy to your life! Your future self is going to be so glad you took this step today. Let’s get going with achieving those goals!

Financial Coaching and Credit Repair

$250 enrollment

$250 per month

  • finance course,
  • determine financial goals and create a plan to achieve them,
  • set up tracking tool,
  • pay off debt, 50/30/20 rule,
  • money mindset,
  • learn about personal finance and how to make good money decisions,
  • explore ways to increase income,
  • learn how to make your money work for you,
  • drive behavior change by understanding how your money habits and financial life affects other areas of your life
  • $99 Enrollment Fee
  • & 89/month
  • Free consultation credit repair services
  • Unlimited deletions
  • Secure and real-time credit monitoring
  • Customized dispute strategies
  • 24-hour professional support
  • Unlimited challenges to derogatory and erroneous items
  • Money-back guarantee (4 months)
  • No templates
  • Free credit analysis
  • Comprehensive credit audit