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I wan to start by saying that Danielle is such an amazing and knowledgeable and very professional person. A few weeks ago i hit bottom when it came to my finnaces I just knew htat i needed help and that i was ready to work hard to get financial freedom. I had my first strategy call with Danielle yesterday to discuss my finances and when I say she went over so many things in detail and helped me see and understand where my money was going and helped me to set realistic goals. She helped me find ways to save, what things to focus on and extra ways to bring in income, along with keeping my credit together. She is helping me to understand that it's possible for me to reach financial freedom. Financial coaching is amazing because she sees things in a different way that i just didn't understand and see and I'm so greteful. The service is definitely worth it and i look forward to my next call with Danielle.
Shante Griffen
Let me just start off, by being transparent and stating I was in the low 400's - Hey life get's in the way guys! Lost my job, and was not able to keep up with payments. But after meeting with danielle and getting over the embarassment of how low my score was, she offered so much hope! And delivered SHOCKING RESULTS!!! - She is magical! Within days, my score was up by 12 points! then within two months 177 points! At this rate my credit score will be higher than it was before! I can't wait to see what it's going to look like in just two more months! This Lady is well educated in the area of Credit, and speaks on it, as it's her life! She is genuine, kind, fast, and fascinating! I am so glad I got over the embarrassmet I decided to choose her! She is my consultant for Life! Because she delivers, and she delivers fast! Because she delivers, and she delivers fast! Choose her without hesitation, you'll be so glad you did... I will come back with more updates.... Stay tuned! Danielle will truly help you love your credit again! <3
Brigitte Anderson
If it wasn't for Danielle & her expertise my business wouldn't where it is today! I recommend 10/10!
Tashauna Richardson