Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Bad For Your Credit But It Can Release Your Debt

chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of the most common types of bankruptcy filings in the United States. It is also known as liquidation, and it involves a restructuring of your debts. This can be good or bad for your credit, but it is important to know what to expect. Discharge of debt Chapter 7 bankruptcy […]

What is a Line of Credit? 4 Great Uses

line of credit

What is a Line of Credit? Whether you’re looking to build up a credit history, or you need a line of credit to make home improvements, there are several things you should know. You may not know it, but a line of credit can be an easy way to pay off high-interest debt, or to […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act And The Strong Protections It Provides

Often called the FDCPA, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. It applies to any business that collects debts for a fee, and aims to prevent unfair practices. Those practices include: Attempting or threatening to enforce a right or remedy that does not exist; False representation or implication […]

How to Easily Dispute Errors on Your 3 Credit Reports

Among the many things you can do to protect your personal information is to review your credit report for accuracy. If there are errors on your report, you can dispute them. You can also file a lawsuit if you are wrongly denied a loan. Protect your identity from identity theft Having your identity stolen can […]

How to File a Claim Against Your Creditor Under the Fair Credit Billing Act

Currently, the Fair Credit Billing Act is a federal law that is designed to protect consumers from unfair billing practices. There are a few ways you can file a claim against your creditor if you believe they have been violating the Fair Credit Billing Act. You can file a chargeback for unauthorized charges, or you […]

The Consumer Data Industry Association

Whether you are a data processing company or you simply want to learn more about the industry, the Consumer Data Industry Association can provide you with the information you need to keep your business on the cutting edge. Founded in 1973, the CDCIA’s mission is to protect consumer data through education, advocacy and litigation. The […]

5 Common Credit Score Myths

Your credit score is an integral part of your financial life. It is important that you understand what it’s all about. Lenders, landlords, insurers, utility companies and even employers look at your credit score. It is derived from what’s in your credit reports, and it ranges between 300 and 850. Yet, according to a survey […]